Hi, I'm Amanda Falke, a software engineer (web dev, UI/UX, and embedded systems).

I like: C/C++, UML, JavaScript, design patterns, Linux, UI/UX, Angular, Node, Webpack, git, Jira, transistors, Qt, Assembly, CSS

I use: Atom, ESLint/bootlint/css-lint/Emmet, vim, Mac, Github, Slack.

I specialize in front end UI development for web and embedded systems, and have some full stack and Linux skills as well.
I've worked on projects from AngularJS and Bootstrap sites built with Atom and Webpack, to Qt C/C++ Linux native apps in the driverless cars industry.
My code is in production today and used by software engineers at Intel, Toyota, Renesas and other companies in their driverless cars and autonomous technology research departments; I also have a lot of code in production today from web projects completed as a front end web developer.

Selected Web Development and UI/UX Projects

A sparse selection of my very favorite projects.

My web development projects were created from my development studio in Portland Oregon;
my embedded systems projects were created onsite, both in development teams in Portland, or in the engineering labs at Portland State University.

Sam Ford Creations Responsive / mobile Angular Bootstrap app AngularJS, Node, Webpack, nginx, git.
Performance-optimized responsive mobile and desktop Angular application.

• All design and development by Amanda Falke.

Where The Bad Kids Go Responsive / mobile Bootstrap app Bootstrap CSS responsive classes
Performance-optimized responsive mobile and desktop application.

• All design and development by Amanda Falke.

Nancy's Yogurt Joomla CMS jQuery + PHP site PSD-to-HTML, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript.
Joomla CMS/MVC.

• Design by Flint Design. Development by Amanda Falke.

Portland Indie Food + Wine Festival jQuery animation mobile / iPad site (no longer in business) PSD-to-HTML, CSS3, and jQuery.
Optimized for tablet use.

• Design by Flint Design. Development by Amanda Falke.

Selected Embedded Systems Projects

C/C++ Linux command line applications and Qt GUI UI/UX for driverless cars / autonomous tech startup PolySync's product line C/C++, Linux, Qt, git, Github, Bitbucket, Jira, Jenkins

• Development by the Polysync team.

ARM Assembly code with GPIO LEDs: interrupts ARM Assembly : GPIO Button and Timer Pre-emption interrupts on Sitara Processor

• Development by Amanda Falke.

Verilog Shift Register Verilog

• Development by Amanda Falke.