Hi, I'm Amanda Falke, and I make things.

Software engineering.



• Things I love: JS, C++, CSS. Angular, node, npm, git, making native Linux command line applications, command line development, Assembly, C, Verilog. Embedded systems, state machines.

Audio production, MIDI, generative music and art. DSP, Processing, Ableton, ProTools, FinalCut, Quartz.

github, bitbucket, jira, confluence, agile/scrum, bug tracking, PRs and code reviews. Software engineering, design patterns. Perfect pixels. Continuous integration. Dad jokes.

• contact: abstractmachines at gmail.

Web development.

• current: MEAN stack. AngularJS, Node.js, expressjs. JavaScript.
• past: CMS skinning + frontend contract dev. PHP, JS, some SQL, some Apache, lots of WordPress, some Joomla and Drupal.

Selected Web Dev Projects

• Joomla CMS/MVC, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, theming: Nancy's Yogurt
• design by flint (agency). Development by me.

• Bootstrap CSS + JS Responsive / Mobile : Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go (Random House book series) site
• My design, my development.

• Other contract projects: Too many to count. Some include:
Tons of Wordpress sites, such as the Salud Wine Auction WP site, various musicians/music label sites, ecommerce and design with BigCommerce consulting/theming for record labels, Woo Commerce + WordPress, websites for psychologists, for ontological kinesiologists and a corresponding customized PayPal gateway, a Wordpress BuddyPress community HTML/CSS implementation of designer's work for landing page, and more.


• press + reviews + interviews

• Instruction (10 instruments)

• Recent blurb on Rush : NPR Music

• Recent performance (Cassadine, HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Los Angeles May 2016)